5 Tips to Sharpen Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn Profile — Don Tomoff, MBA, CPA
1 — Download LinkedIn’s Profile Checklist (for College students)

Link to Download LinkedIn’s Profile Checklist
2— Must have a Profile photo!
“Make sure your LinkedIn profile photo shows you the way you want to be seen. It doesn’t need to be a professional portrait, but it does need to show your face clearly and present you as professionally as possible.
Whatever you do, don’t leave your profile without a photo!” — Liz Ryan, Forbes, “Ten Things Every Job-Seeker Should Be Doing On LinkedIn”
Make sure you have one! I see so many that don’t — and it leaves an impression of laziness.
3 — Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL
“ When you created your LinkedIn profile, it had some ugly combination of letters, numbers, and backslashes that had no value for your personal branding. You don’t still have this, right?” — Larry Kim, Medium, “Want to Effectively Raise Your Linkedin Profile? Follow These Tips!”
This will take 30 seconds, and it makes a professional statement — I pay attention to details!
Here’s where you change your Profile URL:

LinkedIn Profile Page

Edit public profile URL option
• Create your custom URL (you may have to be creative if you have a common name!) and click Save.

Create your custom profile and click Save
4 — Use Your Headline!
Don’t rely on a standard LinkedIn headline (job title and company)!
“Professional Headline: The job of any headline is to entice people to click. At minimum, you can use your headline to highlight your current position and company…but you can and should go further. Highlight your expertise (e.g., “Content Marketing Strategist and Copywriter”) or awards, or showcase skills you want to turn up in searches (e.g., “Speaker, Trainer, Author, Consultant, Evangelist”). Tell everyone on LinkedIn who you are, what you do, and why you’re someone they need to connect with.” — Larry Kim, Medium, “Want to Effectively Raise Your Linkedin Profile? Follow These Tips!”
Check out this article on 10 Examples of Highly Impactful LinkedIn Profiles if you need ideas (I know I do…).
5 — Join Groups and Be Active!
Joining LinkedIn groups is easy, being active is harder! Just. Do. It.
Get engaged, add input when it’s relevant and be consistent. LinkedIn groups are a great way to meet professionals with interests similar to yours.
“It’s still important to join and be active in groups. Not only will this look good for potential employers or clients searching for you but will actually mean your profile is 5 times more likely to be viewed.” — linkhumans.com, 10 Tips for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile